Early Christmas Present

I received an early Christmas present this week.

I have been directing a play (which I also wrote) for the Grade 6 kids at the local primary school to perform at their graduation.

After their performance, the principal invited me on stage to present me with a gift. Fair enough I thought – and I got a lovely olive tree. But that’s not all. The principal announced that to recognise my work running a few writing and storytelling workshops, and for doing the play each year, and giving them copies of my books when they come out, they were going to inaugurate the annual Nicolas Brasch Award for writing which each year would go to the Grade 6 student who showed the most promise in writing stories. I had to present the award to this year’s winner. The award comprised a medal with my name on it, and a certificate headed The Nicolas Brasch Award for Writing. I was somewhat embarrassed. But at least if I drop dead now, I know my name will live on.

Merry Christmas all!

Nicolas Brasch

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  1. Congratulations – it’s awards like this that inspire and encourage.

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