Spirit of Punk review

Spirit of Punk

by Madeleine Hall

Spirit of Punk was a reading event with a difference. Held on Thursday night at 1000 £ Bend, its visitors were encouraged to read aloud any genre or style of writing they pleased. Some came prepared, others used the notepads provided to scribble some thoughts before sharing. Nothing was off limits. In fact, there was only one rule—each piece should be ‘no longer than a Ramones song’.

Channelling the spirit of punk, which is all about just having a go, the event provided a space where improvisation and spontaneity in writing were encouraged. It was a place where emphasis wasn’t always placed on the end result and where people felt free to share their unpolished work. The absence of judgement gave writers the freedom to share their best works in development. Indeed, one of the most memorable pieces shared was written only moments before being performed.

Writers stood up to the mic, one by one, to share their work in many different forms: fiction, poetry, non-fiction and performance poetry. There were stories full of heartache alongside those full of laughter and although the theme of the night wasn’t strictly punk itself, there were a few punk memories shared as well. Nicolas Brasch, creator and host, intends to make Spirit of Punk a regular event, which is just as well because there will be no shortage of people wanting to do it all again.

Find out about upcoming events at spiritofpunk.com.au.

Spirit of Punk was presented in partnership with Swinburne University.

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