Non-Fiction Books For Adults

If you need a professional writer or ghost writer for a non-fiction book on any subject, Nicolas is the one for you. He has written and edited more than ten non-fiction trade books for six different publishers. He is professional, sticks to deadlines and produces polished manuscripts.

Nicolas Brasch signing his new books Horses in Australia.


  • Horses: An illustrated history, NewSouth Publishing
  • Keeping Chickens: An Australian Guide, Penguin Books
  • Family Emergency Handbook, Hinkler Books
  • Racing’s Hall of Shame, (with Dave Warner), HarperCollins
  • Contemporary Australian Women (managing editor), Reed Reference Australia
  • A Sense of Purpose (co-author, managing editor), Reed Reference Australia
  • Contemporary Australians (managing editor), Reed Reference Australia
  • Bookman Media Guide (managing editor), Bookman Press
  • Australian Turf Directory (managing editor), Reed Reference Australia
  • Australasian Turf Directory (managing editor), Reed Reference Australia
  • Monash Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Australia (co-author), Reed Reference Publishing
  • Who is Who in Public Life in Australia (managing editor), Bookman Press
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